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Title: School
Author: Jazzdeath250
Rating:K for swearing
Pairing: Cone/Deryck
Disclaimer: I don't own anything
Summary: Deryck gets jealous of some seventh graders


Cone used his key to open the door to Deryck’s apartment and walked right into the kitchen where he found Deryck rummaging through the fridge. „Well today was interesting.“ He stated causing Deryck to pull out of the fridge to look at him.
„Yeah? Why’s that?“ Deryck asked.
„I went to my old high school to talk to my music teacher and ended up talking to one of her grade seven classes about what music means to me. She even got me to pretend I was alone i my room and just randomly play notes. It was pretty epic. I’m going back on Friday.“ Cone explained only to frown when Deryck slammed the fridge door and stalked off into the lounge room. „What’s the matter?“ He asked confused.
„Why would you play for them but not for me? Whenever I come home to hear you playing you quickly put your bass away so I can’t hear!“
„It’s embarrassing playing in front of you.“ Cone said simply.
„Why? I’m your boyfriend!“
„Actually could we change that?“ Cone said suddenly causing Deryck to stop for a moment.
„Change what?“ Deryck asked cautiously.
„The boyfriend thing.“
„Are you breaking up with me?“ Deryck asked incredulously.
„What? No! I love you. I meant change it to fiance.“ Deryck stood frozen for a minute before hitting cone in the arm.
„You can’t fucking do that! You can’t fucking propose to me when I’m fucking angry at you and OH MY GOD YOU PROPOSED TO ME!“ Deryck screamed as the realisation hit him. Cone just gave him a hopeful smile.
„Yes! Oh my god yes!“ Deryck screamed as he through himself into Cones arms.

Cone didn’t go back in that Friday, instead he stayed at home playing bass for his fiance.

Ok so this is sort of based on something that happened to me. Kieran, this guy who graduated from my school recently came into our performing arts class to visit our teacher. She then got him to dance to some random music as if he was in his room. I thought he was cool. He said he’d come in on Friday but he didn’t I imagined this is why. Of yourse with Cone and Deryck it just becomes even more epic!

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