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Okay, so this community has been dead since 2006. It was a really sweet and family like community. I could see that through comments and stuff. I read all the stories in it and they are so good. It's sad that it died. It probably died because of the 3 year gap after Chuck, but then we got Underclass Hero. I won't post Underclass Hero songs or the single "Always" , because it's a whole album, but I will post the song "Skumfuk" which was leaked when it was when it was being put on a Warped Tour CD and the single "Screaming Bloody Murder" that they realeased this month.

Unofficial video they made for "Skumfuk" with clips from Warped Tour 2010 which I got to see and meet them at! :3

Now this is a kickass fan music video for "Skumfuk" which Sum 41 commented on and favorited :)

This is the realease video for "Screaming Bloody Murder". I don't think this is for the album cover art. I think that this is just for the single, because one of them said on the Twitter that they should pick out album artwork or something like that :P

Some things have changed since this community died. First the obvious that Dave left, but he did come back in the middle of a few concerts and played "Pain For Pleasure" with them during Underclass Hero tours. He left for artistic differences , but it was on good terms and they are all still best friends. Dave has a studio band with his cousin called Brown Brigade and a touring band that will be realeaseing a studio album. That band is The Organ Thieves and they are sick! :)

Now Tom Thacker from GOB is and official member of Sum 41 and did take part in the album writing of Screaming Bloody Murder. During Underclass hero he was not and was just a touring guitarist. The single "Screaming Bloody Murder" was written by him and Deryck.

Also, Cone and Steve are married. I know Steve's wife is a musican too. Her name is Jesse Moss and she writes songs and is a badass singer. Cone married his long-time girlfriend Shannon.

Cone also has a side project with Todd Morse form H2O which was called The Operation M.D., but they took the "the" off, which was suggested by Todd, and made it Operation M.D. and have had two studio albums. The first is We Have An Emergency and now their 2010 release The Birds + The Bee Stings. Both albums are amazing :)

And we also all know that Deryck's ex-wife Avril Lavigne filed for divorce in September 2009 and it was finalized in November 2010 I believe. They are still best friends which is nice and very mature of them. Deryck did do some stuff on her new album coming out this year called Goodbye Lullaby. Now, it is sad when anyone gets a divorce, but I'm sure it will feul the fanfiction if I can get this community up and roarin' again.

So, I'm sorry for the ranting, but I hope we can revive this community! :D

I'm not trying to advertise myself, but to tell you that there is still a Sum 41 fanfiction writer! Me!(not a good one though :P) I do have some some Sum 41/blink-182 crossover fiction in the blink_slash182 community. It involes Mark Hoppus/Cone McCaslin and Tom Delonge/Deryck Whibley.

So, again I am going to get people to know about this community and I hope we can bring it back!!! <3

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