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Title: Life or whatever.
Author: Breakingthec0de
Pairing: Cone/Deryck
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: Dont own, never happened, i just own the sick little mind this was written by.
Summary: Cone has family problems, he moves, and meets deryck...yeah, its more interesting if you just read


chapter 3 and 4



Damn you alarm clock, damn you….awww fuck, its Monday already?? Damn….

I slowly got up and trudged my way into the bathroom. I took a piss, and then wandered back into my room. I grabbed my Pennywise shirt off the floor and sniffed it. Deciding it was clean enough, I threw it on, along with new boxers, and brown dickies. I grabbed my adidas, and walked back into the bathroom. I looked at my self in the mirror. Nothing bad today, clear face, basically, and whatever else…I globbed some gel into my sleep matted hair, and spiked it with ease, since it was used to being like that anyway. I was glad everything was cooperating today, because for some reason, I really wanted to impress that Cone kid, but who knows, I probably won’t even see him today…wow, I’m lame. I quickly brushed my teeth, and rushed down the stairs, cuz I had realized I was running a little late.

“See ya later ma!” I yelled from the front door, to where ever she was.

She walked out of the kitchen, and smiled that concerned mother smile. “Don’t you want anything for breakfast first?” she asked.

“Nah,” I replied, “I’m running late as it is.” I finished as I opened the front door. “See ya!” I jumped down the couple of steps to the walk, and then jogged down the path toward the sidewalk. I realized, that strangely, I was in a very good mood today.

Then I saw Cone walking about 20 feet in front of me. “HEY! CONE!” I yelled, running up to him.

He stopped when I caught up to him, and smiled down at me, “hey.” He said.

“Hey man, whats up?” I asked punching him lightly in the arm. I noticed that he winced a little but didn’t make a big deal of it “Dude, what happened to your face??” I asked noticing the huge black eye he had.

His smile faltered a little, and then said “oh, ha, I walked into a door while we were moving stuff this weekend, I’m such a klutz sometimes…” he laughed.

“I know what you mean, ha, I’m probably worse…” I laughed at myself, and then we kept walking.

It was then that I looked down at his tee-shirt, and it happened to be the same exact one I was wearing. “Dude! You like Pennywise??” I asked pointing at his shirt.

He looked down at his shirt, and then back up at me “…apparently…” he said with a “well duh” kind of look on his face.
I laughed at my stupid comment, and then unzipped my hoodie, to reveal the same exact tee shirt. “Well, I guess I do too…”

He looked at my tee shirt and then down at his. “Dude, not cool, we match.”

“Yeah well, whatever, ill just leave my sweatshirt on all day, like a normally do, no big deal.” I said shrugging.

“Ok,” he said “can you play any of their stuff?” he asked.

“Yeah, on guitar.” I answered. “Can you?”

“Uh huh.” He said nodding.

“On guitar?” I asked feebly, hoping it wasn’t.

“Nah, bass.” He said looking down at the sidewalk, as we walked along.

“DUDE! YOU PLAY BASS?!!?!?!?!” I almost screamed, jumping up and down.

“Uhh, that IS what I just said, isn’t it?” he said, looking at me like I should be placed in a loony bin or something of the same effect.

“DUDE! NO WAY!” I freaked.

“uhmmm, yes way?” he asked raising an eyebrow and giving me that “jeez, where the fuck did I find you?” face.

“Dude, my band….you play bass…we need….come play….will be finished…DUDE!” I rambled.

“Wait, make a whole comprehendible sentence first, then try and tell me what the fuck is going on, because I am so confused right now.” He said, and then looked around to see if anyone was watching this loony freak out next to him, he probably thought I was some sort of retard or something.

“Oh, sorry.” I apologized. “I was just saying that, my band needs a bass player, do you wanna maybe come by later and try out at practice today or something?”

“Sure, he said, where’s practice?” He asked looking at me like a wasn’t retarded anymore.

“Oh, it’s just at my house, so you know where to go.” I answered.

“Cool” he said, and it almost seemed like he was unphased by the prospect of being in probably the best band in all of Ajax, well, he didn’t know that, so that could be part of it, but whatever.

Finally, we got to school, right on time too, and the bell rang to tell us we had 5 minutes to get to our classes. But instead, I took Cone to the guidance office to get his schedule.

“Hey Lola!” I said greeting the secretary sitting at her desk, shuffling papers around.

“Hey Hun, how are you?” She asked with a sugary sweet tone to he voice and a smile on her face (Lola loved me, cuz I was always in there, cuz I got in trouble a lot, but she thought I was a sweet kid, and she has gotten me out of a heck of a lot of detentions too…) “Are in trouble before school has even started?” She asked standing up, and putting her hands on her hips. “What am I going to do with you Deryck?” she asked sarcastically. “OOOOH! Who’s your friend? Did you get him in trouble too, Deryck? How come I’ve never seen him around here before?” she asked quickly.

“No, Lola, I didn’t get in trouble yet, and this is Cone, he just moved here. And no, I haven’t gotten him in trouble yet either.” I smiled”

“Hello Cone” she said still smiling. “Well, ok, then I guess ill have to get you a schedule won’t I?” she asked, not expecting an answer. “Would you like to be in Deryck’s classes, since you seem to be suck good friends?” she asked while typing something into the computer.

“That would be nice, thank you.” Cone answered politely.

Lola smiled up at him, and then handed him his schedule, locker number and a late pass for both of us, because the bell had already rung to inform us that we were late. “You boys have a nice day now.” She said as we walked out of the office. “And Cone!” she said quickly, and we stopped, and he turned around. “Good choice in friends, Deryck is a good kid, but I better not see you in here as often as I see him…” she smiled.

“I’ll make sure of it ma’am.” He said, and we walked down the hall to find his locker, which wound up being right across the hall from mine. So we stopped at our lockers, threw our stuff in, and got whatever we needed for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period.

I showed him to where our History class is, and we walked in. Everyone looked up at us, and then started whispering to each other. Mr. Daniels looked up at us, from his desk, and got up and walked over to us. “Deryck, you’re late.” He said flatly…oh, I forgot to tell you, Mr. Daniels hates me. “And who is this?” he asked looking at Cone.


“Cone McCaslin, sir. I’m new.” I replied, giving Mr. Daniels the most innocent smile he could muster, and handed him the late pass.

“Ok, well, Whibley, get McCaslin a book, and take your seat, McCaslin, you can have he seat behind Whibley, and next to Jocz.” Mr. Daniels said coldly. “AND MR. JOCZ WAKE UP! MY CLASS IS NO PLACE FOR SLEEPING!” Mr. Daniels screamed at a guy sleeping in the back of the class.

The Jocz kid sat bolt upright and looked around. I figured that I was supposed to sit next to him, so I walked over to the empty seat, and sat down.

“who are you?” the kid asked.

“Cone. You?” I asked trying to keep my cool. This kid was kind of pretty though, he had short blonde hair, and blue-grey eyes. He had on black and white Converse, and a black tee-shirt that said. “I’m only laughing because you suck.”

“Steve. I’m Deryck’s friend…What kind of name is “Cone”?” he asked making a face at my name.

“It’s a nickname, but I don’t like my real name, so, I’m Cone.” I said laughing.

“Oh, ok.” He answered. “Hey Der, what’s up, how was your weekend, Avril-less?” Steve asked Deryck when he came back, while doing some sort of handshake thing.

“Dude, not too bad, but please, don’t bring her up…she pisses me off… I’m glad we’re done.” Deryck answered shaking his head.

“Good thing too.” Said this guy from next to Deryck, he was black, and had his hair spiked, and half of it was bleach blonde. He also had a nose ring, a lip ring, and he had his eyebrow pierced. This guy was totally not your normal black guy, which was kind of funny. He was also wearing a black tee-shirt and had on Vans. “Who’s your new friend Deryck?” He asked motioning towards me.

“Oh, Dave, this is Cone, Cone, this is Dave, there, now, does everyone know each other?” Deryck asked.

“Yup.” All three of us said in unison.

“Ok, good.” Deryck said.


“…go ahead…”Steve mumbled to the other 3 of us. And we all laughed.

“I HEARD THAT! ALL FOUR OF YOU! OFFICE! NOW!” Mr. Daniels bellowed.

So, the four of us picked up our crap, and headed back down to the office, where I was, only a half an hour ago.

But, instead, Dave steered us toward the bathroom. “Fuck this.” He said “I’m not getting in trouble this early.” We all agreed, and followed him to the bathroom.

We hung out in there till the bell rang, basically just screwing around and whatever.


so yeah, nothing interesting going on yet...dont worry, soon. So yeah, leave some love!!
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