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Cone fluttered his eyes open and looked around, the bus had stopped and it was bright out. Cone stretched, he cracked his knuckles and yawned standing up slowly. Steve walked out the bathroom

"hey hey Cone" he said to him, Cone rubbed his head and nodded

"hey Steve" Cone said, scratching his arm and opening a fridge door, looking for food. Steve stood in front of him and shut the fridge door, he took a gulp of milk from the carton

"Deryck said you have a crush on Avril..." Steve said, smirking. Cone blushed and laughed nervously

"oh-oh..uhm, that? yeah, uhm that was a- yeah that was just uhh..." Cone hesitated, not sure what to say. Stevo looked at him

"she likes you too"

There was a moment of silence in the bus, Cone looked at him


Steve laughed "she likes you, man" he said and patted his back. Cone was speechless, all the wind in him had been taken out, Cone went paler than usual...which was hard to tell. Cone gasped for air, Stevo frowned

"you okay, dude?" Cone nodded, gasping for air. Steve was confused

"you sure you're okay?" Cone nodded, still taking his inhailer. Steve stood over him "just breathe, dude"

Cone calmed down "so...does Deryck know?" he asked "that, she likes me?"

Steve smiled and sat in front of him "she told him, Deryck was he told her to go for you" Cone looked at him with wide eyes, he looked around

"i need a paper bag" he said between breaths.


"GIVE ME A PAPER BAG" he screamed, Stevo jumped, startled and got him a bag. Cone breathed into the bag, extremely shocked. Deryck walked on the bus, at that point, needing the bag a whole lot more.

"whats going-"

"I dont know" Steve said shrugging. Deryck frowned "i just told him bout Avril and he took a panic attack"

Cone stopped, the bag still at his mouth, he looked at Deryck, who stared back at him, they just looked at eachother for a while. Deryck walked to his bunk, getting something. Cone slowly pulled the bag away

"I dont...well I dont.."

"what?" Deryck and Stevo asked in unison, Cone paused looking at Steve who had food for everyone in his hands

" tuna..?" Cone sighed, never able to get the truth out.

Part 5

Deryck woke up, the stench of alchohal in his bunk. Deryckm frowned, rising up from his bed and rubbing his head. Deryck looked around, he was topless and had a pair of jeans on, Deryck checked under the covers to see he hadnt bumped uglies with anyone (hahaha)

Deryck sighed, nobody there, he got out of his bed slowly and yawned scratching the back of his neck. Deryck went to the far end of the bus, it was about eleven in the morning and he had a hangover...not a good start, Deryck took sips of his glass of water and sighed, sitting there. Derycks mind was in so many different places right now.

Cone lay in the bunk above Derycks, he looked at the ceiling and sighed. Cones eyes were going blurry as he could feel the breeze from outside drift past him. Cone closed his eyes for a moment, moistening them again, he sighed and turned his head looking toward the door. Cone was wearing sweat pants and an old white shirt, he reached for his glasses and sat up

"fuck" he complained as he hit his head off the ceiling again, Cone really shouldnt be sleeping at the top of the bunk, seeing as he is very tall. Cone rubbed his sore head and jumped down from the bunk. Cone yawned, going to the far end of the bus.

"yo D" he said quietly. Deryck smiled and nodded


Cone sighed and shut the fridge, a sunny delight in his hand "Deryck, you know that thing about Avril?"

"Avie to you, amigo" Deryck said taking a drink with a sigh. Cone laughed nervously

"heh heh, yeah...well uhm, the thing is, I dont-"

"morning" said a voice coming from the door, Avril walked in "hey Cone" she winked. Cone looked at a beer bottle

'now would be a good time to start drinking'

"uhm, hi" Cone said, trying to make his way to the bathroom

"hey, Cone? you free tonight?" Deryck rolled his eyes when Avril asked that and stood up, walking toward the door

"no" Cone said. Deryck paused, standing there

"oh...but I thought you were-"

"well, Im free...but," he said, the corners of Derycks mouth turned to a grin. Avril stood there awkwardly

"uh...okay, whatever" she said, frowning and rolling her eyes. Avril scratched her head and slowly went toward the door, her hand rested on the handle and she turned to Deryck "hey Deryck, are you fr-"

"no" Deryck snapped and pushed her out the door, slamming it in her face. Cone laughed

"serves the bitch right" Cone said. Deryck frowned

"I thought you liked her"

Cone laughed "no...I didnt, I just..said I did"

Deryck frowned, confused "why?" Cone sighed

"I just...said it to cover something" Cone said "now do you want juice?"

Deryck frowned "cover what up?"

"nothing" Cone said

"but you just said-"

"forget what I said, i dont like her, okay?!" Cone said, getting angry. Deryck glared, annoyed at this secrecy. After a moment of silence and thinking, Deryck looked at him

"so what is i-"

"DERYCK I DONT WANT TO FUCKING TALK ABOUT IT!" Cone yelled, going outside and toward the small cafe. Not caring he was only in his sweats, he sat with Steve who frowned at him, Cone was starting to tear up. Stevo frowned and put an arm round him

"Cone, you okay?" he asked, concerned.

Cone shook his head and lifted it, he looked at Stevo "I think i love Deryck"

Stevo paused, dropping his breakfast and staring at him.

he thought to himself.
Part 6 (sorry tis short)

"love? are you sure its love?" Dave asked with Steve, Cone sighed, they were sitting on his bed.

"either its love or ive eaten something really bad to make my heart beat faster when I see him" Cone said looking down. Dave and Steve were so shocked

"have you ever liked-"

"no, this is my first guy crush..." Cone sighed, he was wearing a black shirt that said 'you can suck my cock till a million o clock'

Deryck walked on the bus, he frowned looking at Cone, he'd gone pink.

"Cone, whats wrong?" he asked, knowing that something was wrong with Cone when he turned pink

"he just got a call from..uhh, Kristina" At that point Cone felt all depressed again and he went pink. Deryck sighed and sat beside him

"you should forget her, man" Deryck sighed, Cone looked at him


"Kristina, dont, please, dont" Cone pleaded getting on his knees and hugging her waist. Kristina had tears streaming down her face, she paused looking at his face, he cried hard "Kristina dont leave me" he cried, he found it hard to breathe from crying so hard. Cone rested his head on her stomach "i cant live without you Kristina, I love you" he said, crying harder.

Kristina cried, holding his head

"I cant do this" she said and pushed him away, leaving him alone on his knees on the floor. Cone cried, curling up into a ball on the floor and feeling a dark pit increase in his stomach.

-end of flashback-

Cone shivered "it hurts still..." he said softly. Deryck held him close to his chest and let him cry into him. Cone was really crying deeply over Deryck, the breathing started to shake. Stevo and dave joined in the group hug, Cone was pressed up against Derycks soft chest as he cried...Deryck should never know the real reason why...

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