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<3<3<3Did I do it right?!<3<3<3

Title: Subject To Change
Author:Kizz00 aka Kristina
Disclaimer: dunno what that means
Dedication:dunno what this means
Summary: The band have gone on tour for a while, but Deryck has had alot of girlfriends, Cone would always make them leave him...although when he and Avril engage, he realises why

God, have i done it right?!


"Im gona KILL YA!" Stevo said holding onto Cones waist and throwing him around, Cone laughed as his legs un controllably rambled around the place. Deryck was in hysterics, he grabbed the very dizzy Cone as he stumbled toward him. Stevo dissappeared with the camera outside. Deryck smiled, laughing still, Cone looked at him smiling with his color filled eyes. Deryck looked at him for a while, they locked dazes and held them. Deryck then stood up and coughed, grabbing Cone by the arm and pulling him up. Cone looked down in dissapointment, he coughed also...for a moment, he treasured the moment in which Deryck pulled him up with his hand. Cone stood there, head height above Deryck, he wanted to grab him for a kiss so badly...but it was like there was a barrier there, stopping him. Deryck had his hands in his pockets, looking up at him, they stared again. Cone wanted this so badly, Deryck sighed and looked down "we should get going"

Cone sighed, and nodded, they walked away together in silence.

"Im so glad we finally met up" Avril said as Deryck led her onto the tour bus, smiling. Cone was reading a book, he looked up and over his book, rolling his eyes behind the black frames of his glasses. Little did he know that Deryck saw him roll his eyes, Deryck looked at Avril

'he likes her?! what does he see in her? ugh, she's not even got that much of a personality, sure she's hott but...she's dull'

Deryck thought to himself 'i wonder what would happen If-'

"Deryck?" Avril looked at him, Deryck snapped and looked at her


"did you hear what I said?!" she asked, bitterly. Deryck laughed nervously

"sorry sweetie, I was just so busy looking at how pretty you were" he said and kissed her forehead. Avril giggled, charmed. Cone groaned, rolling his eyes. Deryck turned around

"something the matter, Cone?" he asked a little annoyed. Cone smiled innocently and shook his head

"I just have a bad cough, you'd better keep 'certain things' away D...they could infect you and end up hurting you" Cone said, smirking evily, walking to the back. Deryck cocked his head to one side, glaring at Cones comment. Steve and Dave tried to pretend they hadnt heard it. Avril glared at him

"ugh, who does that bastard think he is, he's a fucking moron. YOU FUCKING GAY" she laughed, knowing he was bisexual. Steve, Dave and Deryck shot dirty looks and glares at her

"shut the fuck up" Deryck said, angrily, Avril laughed

"come on, Its cant say to me that he' okay person" she said, bursting into fits of laughter "he's a fucking bi, and its weird"
Stevo stood up, raising his hand to slap her hard untill Dave grabbed his arm. Avril stood back, looking at him shocked. Deryck sighed and shook his head, holding it.

"I think you should leave" Deryck said to her. Avril laughed, thinking it was a joke, she looked at him

"seriously?!" she looked at him, angry "but we just had a me-"

"just LEAVE" Deryck yelled. Avril looked at him, she turned around and left. Derycks brown eyes looked to the back of the bus, where he searched for Cone, but he was nowhere in sight.

Cone sat on the floor, his back pressed against the wall of the bus, he turned his head, listening to Avril and Deryck. Cone couldnt see them, but he heard Deryck tell her to leave. Cone smiled to himself, he lay his head back on the wall, smiling as he drifted off to sleep.

woohoo I got lj-cut goin!!! 
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