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part 2


Deryck licked the envelope and smiled, stamping it. Cone looked at him

"she said we're the 'guys'?" he said laughing. Deryck glared "she barely knows me, except for the stuff she looks up about us on the internet"

"SHUT UP" Deryck said leaving the room, slamming the door on his way out. Cone stared at the door, the colour in his eyes darkened and became a flower never watered. Cone looked away and scratched his neck, sniffing. Cone knew he could never feel the same way, Deryck was straight and that was the end of it. He looked down at his white converse and stood up, his belt and pants hung over his green and blue checkered boxers [[is it just me or is Cones underwear shmexy? XD]] Cone stretched, nearly touching the ceiling, as he then showed more of his boxers. Then he walked over to the desk in the hotel room, there were so many pictures of him and 'Avie' he just wanted to rip them all up and burn them so badly...but he knew Deryck would hate him. Cone ran his hand across the many sheets of paper, they were all letters from Avril. Cone looked at the bottom of each letter 'love Avie xxx' Each and everyone stated three x's. Cone glared in anger.

'If he were mine, Id fill the whole page with kisses' Cone said to himself, putting the letters down. Cone looked at some other pictures, there was a picture with Deryck and Paris. Cone loved Paris, she was a great person, sure, he was jealous of him and her dating, but she was a really awesome friend. Then he came across Rayvans picture... Cone tricked her into falling in love with him, they ended up having sex one night and Cone convinced her into leaving. He said it wasnt right, he loved her too, but Deryck was his best friend, and staying would only make his feelings stronger. Cone was a very good liar.

Cone turned round a picture which faced the wall, it was the band. Cones eyes stung, he hated how he treasured these girls...more than his band members. Cone couldnt look at it anymore, he walked out and slammed the door shut, the picture of the entire band..then fell flat on its face.

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