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<3<3<3Hi, i started a story<3<3<3

hi, Im not really new here, i just havent posted anything. I decided to start a Cone/Deryck story today because I have written a Cone and Deryck story already seperately...tell me what yew think  =)
+++Subject To Change-Cone/slash/Deryck+++

Part 1

"one, two, three!"

"HA paper beats rock"

"god dammit" Deryck groaned sitting down as Cone took the last slice of pizza. Cone smiled, a mouthful of pepperoni in his mouth

"this is a mans game, D" Cone smiled. Deryck frowned, folding his arms.

"well Jayson why are you playing it?" Stevo asked walking in the room with a video camera

"dont film me, dont film me, dont FILM ME!" Cone said covering the camera. Deryck laughed at Cones tantrum and stood up on the couch, jumping up and down.

Cone jumped on the couch aswell, throwing himself at Deryck and tackling him to the bed. Stevo laughed

"yeah, you guys just had to come clean some time"

Cone smiled licking Derycks cheek and standing up

"ewww, dude" Deryck said wiping his cheek, he blushed a little though. Stevo faced the camera at himself and laughed

"yes ladies, not only can I bust outta jail in two seconds but I can also give you gay porn" and he walked out talking to the camera.

"Tell me why cant you see Its not the way"

"not the way"

"when we all fall down it will be too late, why is there no reason we cant change"

"no reason"

"when we all fall down it will be too late, what will it take"

Deryck, Stevo, Cone and Dave all smiled playing, doing what they did best. They finished their last song

"goodnight New York!!!" Deryck yelled as they all walked off stage, throwing their drumsticks at the crowd and picks. Deryck jumped on Cones back, recieving a piggy back. Cone groaned

"go climb on Stevos back!" he said, laughing. Deryck held him tightly, till Cone spun him round and Deryck fell off his back and onto the floor. The two fell over in hysterics laughing. Cone smiled, his for now.

Deryck ran toward the bed and jumped on it, sitting down

"SHE WROTE, SHE WROTE, SHE WROTE!" he yelled continuesly, ripping the envelope open and reading the letter. Cone rolled his eyes under his black framed glasses and shook his head.


I've just finished my show in Paris, man I dont understand a word these guys say! hahaha! It was a good show, Josh got a bottle thrown at him though...some kids kept calling us posers again, he got a cut above his eyebrow. Shame.

My next show is in Germany. God, Europe is huge! Ive done 6 shows so far and I have 7 more to do!!! arghh!

Well, Im having fun, lots of kids here to sign autographs for and Im getting alot of attention, heeheehee. I miss you alot, and the others too, Im hoping to see you next week cause I know you guys are playing in London so I reschedueled to see you.

Im just in my tour bus right now, but I have to go now, seeing as this is the only chance I'll have to send this without fans coming up to me, the coast is clear so Im going to post it, Love you lots.

-Avie xxx

"awww, I miss her so much" Deryck sighed, smiling. Cone mimiced behind him

"ooh, Avie's so special and talented, meh!" he murmered to himself.

"what?" Deryck asked


"you said Avie" Deryck frowned

"no I was just sneezing" Cone smiled innocently. Deryck raised an eyebrow

"okay...Im gona write back!" he said smiling, getting to his feet and grabbing a pen and paper.

Cone groaned and fell backward onto the bed, grabbing his hair in frustration.

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