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THURSDAY: 06/30/05
10:46 pm

Ahh! I'm crying right now!! Okay- here's the actual article

They're both Canadian, both singers, so now they'll wed.
Avril Lavigne apparently is marrying fellow Canadian singer Deryck Whibley, the frontman for punk-pop group Sum 41.
Us Weekly reported that Whibley,25, proposed over the weekend while Lavigne,20, was finishing up the European leg of her tour. Publicists for both musicians confirmed the engagement to the magazine. The pair began dating in late 2004, the magazine said.
Whibley and Lavigne both hail from the same province in Canada - Ontario- and were reported to have bought a home together in Los Angeles last year.

And it came from The New York Times- so it's legit. Ahhh! I know I should be happy for him, but he's in love with Cone. So I've decided that Cone ditched Deryck and took up with Steve; so in a fit of envy and anguish he proposed to Avril, who he had been pretending to date to cover up his and Cone's torrid love affair.
But ahh! This is so sad! I'd be happy with believing Cone and Deryck and Avril are in a threesome arrangement, but I violently hate her and her music don't care for her.
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SUNDAY: 06/26/05
8:31 pm
Sup. I'm Deryck. Now you don't need an introduction, so I'll get to the point. must_be_pop needs the other members of Sum 41. That means I want to see people playing Stevo, Cone, and Dave. You can check out all the information at this site or in the community's info. Thanks. ps. Oh, and only join if you're sure you can do a good job and you won't randomly die. Especially if you want to play Stevo. We're going to need someone good to replace the old one. ;)

Sorry if this isn't allowed.
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MONDAY: 06/13/05
3:14 pm
First fic ever...dont laugh

mood  >  amused

Title:Something You Can't Have
Author:Sami (sum41willcome4u)
Rating:duh, maybe PG-13...its mostly fluff
Pairing:Cone and Deryck...duh.
Disclaimer: dont own, never happened, damn that sucks!
Dedication:i dedicate this to screamerdreamer...cuz she(you are a girl rigt?? helped me figure this all out!
Summary: eh, all fluff, nuthing too intimate...Cones so sweet at the beginning... its in Cone's POV

...i just realized how stupid this story is...well, if you dont like it, throw things at me...

lots o fluffCollapse )
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SATURDAY: 06/11/05
9:52 am

mood  >  anxious

umm...hi, ::waves timidly:: i just joined this community yesterday....i was wondering if anyone could tell me what to do...yeah, i know i gotta write a fic...ive already done that...but now what do i do???

if anyone could help me, all u gotta do is im me (aol) Sum41WillCome4U

and ive been reading all the fic's since a couple of days ago...there all really great, except i kinda dont really like the ones where cone or deryck not a morbid kinda person...but still i love everyones work, and cant wait for more from this most recent one...



ooh ooh the Back Street Boys are on ::gag's multiple times::
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TUESDAY: 05/03/05
8:51 pm

This is a serious matter!Collapse )
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SATURDAY: 04/23/05
12:00 am

hey i'm back again kids.

you may remember some of my past D/C stories

Another Damned
Beware the Ides of March
So-Called Angels

and some more, all can be found in the history here( either under this name or vinretrorocks).

anyways, i know i come and go but that's how my life works. however, i'm here now and taking requests for 3 stories(stand-a-lones unless i feel i can continue it).

no NC-17 but other than that no restrictions. now is your time to live out your sumslash dreams.

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FRIDAY: 04/15/05
5:17 pm

ok this is for all you rp freaks looking for a new challenge, it's only got two characters taken so far. thats right just frank iero and peter wentz taken.
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THURSDAY: 04/07/05
2:06 am
2005 Juno Awards Dinner and Gala

mood  >  giggly

best shots. ever.


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SUNDAY: 03/20/05
6:34 pm
JOIN sumfortyone
join sumfortyone
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FRIDAY: 03/18/05
6:03 pm
Slash related...

mood  >  ecstatic

For those of you who remember this picCollapse )
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TUESDAY: 03/08/05
9:10 pm

Title: Love being Loved (changed from Better off Alone because this title makes more sense with the story)
Chapter: 3 (part 2)
Rating: Pg-13 (startin to get hot in here)
Pairing: Cone/Deryck
POV: Deryck (for future references, every chapter will switch POV)
Read more...Collapse )

I have no idea where this story is going... Next chapter will be a surprise! *insert sarcasm*
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